English Channel Hot Air Balloon Crossing, 8 May 2005

Here are photos from the balloon crossing, please give them time to load. They were taken by Sue Morley from Ray Hunt's balloon (Hurt Arms and JC Balls balloon). Please feel free to download them for private use. If you require higher resolution copies please email gadget "at" aghoyle.com giving the picture number(s) you'd like emailing. Full quality are 2272 x 704 pixels and vary from 0.5MB to over 2MB in size. Please ask if you'd like to use any photographs for commercial reasons.

If you have any pictures of Ray's balloon (yellow/multicoloured with the above sponsors - see my index page for picture) please let me have copies or website details to the same email address - thanks.

There is a BBC article about the crossing at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/4526623.stm.

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Andrew Hoyle 12 May 2005.

001: Launch from Waldershare Park, Coldred.

002: Launch from Waldershare Park, Coldred.

003: Flying out from Waldershare Park, Coldred.

004: Waldershare Park

005: Waldershare Park

006: A2 to Dover, coast visible.

007: View from Waldershare Park

008: View from Waldershare Park

009: View from Waldershare Park

010: Dover to left, coast getting nearer.

011: ...and nearer

012: Looking back.

013: Still looking back.

014: Dover Port ahead.

015: Dover

016: ...getting closer

017: Cliff getting close

018: ...closer

019: ...nearly there, no turning back now

020: Looking straight down the White Cliffs of Dover

021: White Cliffs of Dover

022: White Cliffs of Dover

023: White Cliffs

024: Heading out to sea

025: White Cliffs again

026: Kent coastline

027: SeaFrance ferry

028: Balloon and ferry

029: Ferry

030: Ferry and balloon

031: Ladybird balloon and Dover Port

032: Ferry again

033: Dover

034: Cameron balloon

035: Ferry heading in, balloons heading out

036: Coastline and balloons

037: Ladybird and friends

038: Balloon and boat

039: Balloons and boat

040: Marching on

041: It's a long way back

042: Looking down the basket to the sea

043: Sky full of balloons

044: Still marching on

045: ...and on

046: Ladybird and sea

047: Ladybird

048: France ahead

049: France

050: France

051: More France

052: Boat

053: Dover far behind

054: Another boat

055: France

056: Ladybird

057: Ladybird and sea

058: Kent White Cliffs

059: France

060: Balloon and wave texture

061: Balloons out to sea

062: Ladybird closeup

063: French coast

064: French coast

065: Rocks

066: French beach

067: Land is so close now...

068: Beach

069: Just a little further

070: Over land again

071: French white cliff

072: Wartime relics?

073: ...falling into the sea

074: Looking down at the cliff top

075: Over fields again

076: Looking back across the Channel

077: Sightseers in France

078: English Channel

079: Others approaching the beach

080: English Channel

081: Armada approaching the shore

082: Shadow

083: Others still approaching

084: White Cliffs of Dover in the far distance

085: Others coming ashore

086: View across to England again

087: Still coming ashore

088: Ladybird

089: Made it across!

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